What is The Healthy Home Network?

The indoor environment can have a direct and indirect affect on your health, comfort and productivity. Whether your concern is proactive (prevention) or reactive (problem solving), our unique "team approach" enables us to provide a broad range of services to help address your needs. Taking either approach to identify and eliminate existing or potential Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) problems saves you time and money. Solving IEQ problems improves your quality of life.

Our approach utilizes the services of a trained Healthy Home Consultant that looks at all aspects of the home. Based upon information provided by you and a Healthy Home Evaluation, recommendations are made. These recommendations can include do-it yourself activities, referrals to qualified firms or other professionals.

Our Work

To protect and enhance the home indoor environment

Our Market

Every home on Earth

Our Mission

Place our service within the reach of every person who owns or lives in a residential property

Our Purpose

Improve the quality of life of all persons with whom we deal